Analytical Services

Wine or MustPrice/SampleDescription
pH$10.00Proper pH helps protect wine against microbial spoilage.
Titratable Acidity $20.00A measurement of how acidic wine or must tastes.
Malic Acid$20.00Determine the initial concentration of malic acid present, and then confirm the rate and completion of your malolactic fermentation.
Acetic Acid$20.00This acid forms when alcohol oxidizes. The aroma is that of vinegar and typically undesirable.
Tartaric Acid$20.00Determine the concentration of tartaric acid present in your must or wine. Use this measurement to de-acidify your must using the double-salt method.
Must OnlyPrice/SampleDescription
Juice Panel$50.00Have must analyzed for the 4 most common tests: Brix, pH, Titratable Acidity and YAN.
Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen (YAN)$35.00This analysis provides a measurement of all available nitrogen sources in must, including PAN and Ammonia. Independent PAN and Ammonia results are included as well as the calculated total YAN.
Primary Amino Nitrogen (PAN) $20.00We can offer an independent analysis of primary amino acids excluding Proline.
Ammonia $20.00We can offer an independent analysis for ammonia only.
Brix$10.00A measurement of sugar concentration in grape must. It is a necessary measurement to ensure that the desired alcohol content is reached in the final wine.
Wine OnlyPrice/SampleDescription
Wine Panel$50.00Combined analyses of alcohol, residual sugar, and free and total sulfur dioxide.
Alcohol$20.00Determine the ethanol content of your finished wine.
Residual Sugar$20.00Determine sugar content of your finished wine.
Free & Total Sulfur Dioxide$25.00Properly protect for storage, aging and bottling by identifying sulfur dioxide levels.
Free Sulfur Dioxide$15.00We can offer an independent free sulfur dioxide analysis.
Total Sulfur Dioxide$15.00We can offer an independent total sulfur dioxide analysis as well.
$35.00Help diagnose the reason behind your stuck or slowing fermentation. Having the correct balance of these sugars is important because yeast cannot utilize excess fructose without the presence of glucose. This analysis includes both glucose and fructose measurements as well as their ratio for your convenience.
Glucose$20.00We can offer independent glucose analysis.
Fructose$20.00We can offer independent fructose analysis as well.
Heat Stability$25.00Test your wine for heat/protein stability to be sure that it stays bright and clear during storage and transport. We offer both the turbidity measurement in NTU as well as an interpretation of the measurement.
Lactic Acid$20.00Lactic Acid is a byproduct of malo-lactic fermentation and will help give wine a rounded, buttery flavor.
Minerals Package 180$27.00Results for total nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, copper, iron, boron and manganese. Cornell interpretation and nutrient guidelines provided
Package 161
$11.00Results only.