Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I get a YAN test?

It is critical to analyze wine must for YAN content prior to fermentation. A YAN deficiency is likely to cause the development of aromas characteristic of sulphur (rotten egg) and could lead to stuck fermentations. An over abundance of YAN can directly contribute subtle undesirable aromas, and serve as a food source for spoilage, yeast and bacteria.

Can I get a discount for multiple tests?

Yes!  We have a couple of test bundles that are pre-defined on our price list, but we are happy to swap out some tests or create a unique bundle for you.  Please feel free to inquire and request a quote for unique test combinations.

When and where is your courier service available?

We provide free courier service for locations roughly within 75 miles of the laboratory, which is located in Ithaca, NY.  Included in this mileage range is a pickup point in Geneva, NY.  Our courier service is very flexible during the harvest season to meet your needs during the busiest part of the year, and slightly less flexible during the “off season”, roughly from December through August.

How can I contact the lab or courier if I need testing outside of the typical laboratory hours?

We will provide a direct phone number of our lab technician and/or courier by request during harvest season.

What tests/instruments does the lab use to get results?

We use a Milwaukee Sulfur Dioxide Autotitrator to test for free and total SO2, and we manually titrate samples for Titratable Acidity results.  Enzymatic test kits paired with spectrophotometry are used for glucose, fructose, and tartaric acid testing.  All other analyses are performed by infrared measurement.

How soon can I get results?

Most results are available within 24 hours of being received at the lab.

How do I use my results and why is it important to test?

Sulfur Dioxide (SO2/sulfites) 

Volatile acidity and other wine faults

Sluggish fermentations

Wine stability