“… I’ve ALWAYS, for every ferment, added the legal limit of nutrients: 8 pounds per thousand gallons of diammonium phosphate, and 2 pounds per thousand gallons of a proprietary nutrient called Fermaid K. And those go in in three carefully timed additions. So it’s a non-trivial task. Because of the information you’ve given us, I’ve added Fermaid K to 1 ferment, and NOTHING to all the others. It’s definitely a time and money saver, and very likely will product better wine (excessive nutrients are reputed to produce some off flavors).”

 – Dave Breeden, Sheldrake Point (Ovid, NY)

“By testing the juice samples I have confirmed that indeed what we have been told in the past by Thomas Henick Kling at Cornell about using maximum levels of DAP is false and that if there is the proper level of nitrogen in the juice already, more doesn’t need to be added. We are saving money by not needing as much nutrients.”

– Lindsay Stevens, King Ferry Winery (King Ferry, NY)

Benefits to Wineries

Being a laboratory located in the heart of the Finger Lakes region offers our local customers unparalleled convenience and fast results. Once your samples have been received in the lab, most results are available within 24 hours. Use these results to optimize your winemaking process.

Measuring must components could lead to both a decreased need for additives and increased efficiency during the busy harvest season. A lab analysis can also mitigate undesirable events later on such as delayed or stuck fermentations, unnecessary additives, and off-aromas.

The Finger Lakes Wine Lab can also help to verify completion of malolactic fermentation and can analyze your finished wine for alcohol content, residual sugar, and both free and total SO2.